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  • Induction Training

  • Classroom Training


  • External Training

  • Incidental Training

  • Refresher Training

21 CFR Part 11 Complaint

Training Certificate Generation

Feedback Mechanism

Question Bank

Accelerate EduZenTM with other ZenVectorTM Products

We have built our modules in a way when used together they can communicate with each other seamlessly.

  • EduZenTM links with DocuZenTM and QualZenTM to ensure holistic trainings across the organization.
  • EduZenTM integrated with DocuZenTM to enable trainings on newly created or modified documents seamlessly within the ZenVectorTM platform.
  • EduZenTM connects within the platform with the QualZenTM application to ensure employees are trained on all quality events like CCN, CAPAs etc.

Product Differentiators

AI/ML and NLP Capabilities

ML model to fetch the training relevant US-FDA observations so that the trainee can have a better understanding about the training topic.


Tracks and maintains trainings such as job responsibility trainings, target trainings, annual trainings, external trainings .

Workflow Management

Streamlines the training management workflow and reduces manual effort in maintenance of training records.

Report Generation

Generation of Training Reports and Certificates.

Feedback Mechanism

Feedback mechanism to Trainers and Coordinators.

Performance Calibration

Regular calibration and benchmarking of employee's performance.

Online Assessments

Online assessments can be taken using the application.

Automated Notifications

Sends automated alerts and notifications to complete new and refresher trainings and to track pending and overdue trainings.

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