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  • Volunteer Tracking

  • Protocol Creation

  • Vacutainer Barcodes


  • Barcode Verification
    sample transfers

  • Reports

  • Regulatory Compliance

21 CFR part 11 Compliant

Automated Protocol generation

Barcode Engine

Volunteer Management

Accelerate ClinZenTM with other ZenVectorTM Products

We have built our modules in a way when used together they can communicate with each other seamlessly.

  • ClinZenTM integrates with DocuZenTM for efficient storage and retrieval of protocols
  • ClinZenTM integrates with EduZenTM to conduct seamless trainings for the workforce on the protocols

Product Differentiators

AI/ML Capability

Using ML model system can predict the time points in the study by analysing the protocol


Pre-screening of volunteers & ID card generation with barcoding feature for tracking.


Easy export & attaching of documents.

Single Point Access

Easy to track information and single point access for entire data.

Regulated Checkpoints

No loss of data with fully regulated checkpoints.

Easy Drafting

Simple & easy drafting of clinical documents, saving time & ensuring quality.

Protocol Templates

Reusable protocol templates for easy creation of protocol documentation

Multi Periods/Groups

Support for multi period and group studies

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