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About Us

Who are we today?

AiZen AlgoTM is a SaaS based product & analytics company

  • Regulated industries focus
  • 150+ years of collective Life Sciences, Technology and AI experience
  • Collaboration with distinguished academic institutions

Where do we want to go?

Trailblazing digitalization product for life sciences and other regulated industries

  • Reduce variability in the R&D to Commercialization value chain
  • Accelerate product to market with hyper productivity
  • Bring Hyperautomation 5.0 to the doorstep of every regulated industry

Why Life Sciences 5.0

  • Life sciences 5.O Drives Automation leveraging the integrated ZenvetorTM platform
  • Process driven by co-bots, digital twin, AI and robotics
  • ZenVectorTM transforms the 4M narrative, creating quality wealth

Our Vision

Build a brand that instils confidence in the minds of end consumers of medical and food products

Our Mission

To integrate Man, Machine, Method and Material in pursuit of excellence in compliance and productivity.




Customer Centricity

What's in our LOGO?

Zen Circle

  • Zen is a state of absolute enlightenment, inner peace, strength, elegance and a state of consciousness we envision to attain through our cutting edge ZenVectorTM platform
  • ZenVectorTM is the foundation of everything we do

Make real time a wireframes services

  • Human element represents the intelligence that we bring to the Life Sciences world
  • Robot element brings forth the artificial intelligence, created by humans, for the betterment of mankind

Our Achievement

One of our customers has underwent an FDA inspection based on the ZenVectorTM platform. Below is the feedback from FDA on the software - taken from the FDA excerpt.

"The firm ( Aizen AlgoTM ) has developed several AI (artificial intelligence ) and ML (machine learning) enabled software intended to support and enhance the firm's quality system .

Explained that at time of inspection, the firm has validated the following software applications which is currently live and in use: QualZenTM, DocuZenTM and EduZenTM.

He (Head of Quality) explained that QualZenTM would cover quality related matters such as deviations and CAPAs. DocuZenTM would provide documents necessary for investigations while EduZen would document and oversee employee training. He emphasized these systems would work together to reduce the human element that is prone to making errors."